Money's Biography


An object has its own history, and its value is decided mainly based on the history and context. For example, rare stamps are traded with premium value due to its availability. However the value of money dose not depend on its history. The same value is guaranteed regardless the quality or history of the paper. The moneyfs value is based on the shared confidence in the value itself. 
In this installation, an ultrasonic speaker* that can directly present sounds with keen directional selectivity projects sounds to the people standing in front of ATM machine. The projected sounds are stories of about money.

"Hello, do you remember me? You have already used me five years ago. Nice to see you again! Do you remember where you spent me last time? I rememberc!"

"Thank you for using this ATM. Beware: The bank notes you are withdrawing are part of the budget for people on welfare. You would rather donate this money than spend it for useless stuff."

This installation is aimed to encourage a reflection on the assumption of the money by getting back the characteristics of objects to the money.


Ultrasonic speaker

The ultrasonic speaker can deliver audible sounds with directional selectivity as a sound beam. The speaker can present ultrasonic wave with modulation of audible frequency. Although the ultrasonic is inaudible, objects or people at the presented locations are vibrated with audible frequency. The speaker, therefore, can directly present sounds to an audience like schizophrenic perception. The speaker is attached to the pole as in figure bellow.



This installation was exhibited in Article'08 in Stavanger, Norway.

 Junji Watanabe  (2008)

Hege Tapio, Yasushi Fukuzawa, Takanobu Inafuku

(c) Junji Watanabe 2008